Project Management


Making design choices is the easy part, executing on those decisions can be the real challenge. Whether you want to partially manage your design project or you're a very busy person that would love to have us manage the minutiae, we will help you along your way. From dealing with contractors for your buildout, interior/exterior painting, electrical, installation of flooring, tile, or window coverings and/or just keeping the architect in line and to spec we will do your dirty work.


Whether ensuring the placement of an art installation, tile or flooring alignment, electrical outlets for hanging lamps, cabinet placement and proper openings, we will be there during the critical moments for these parts of the project. 

It is of utmost importance for you as the homeowner to vet your contractors and we can help project manage any crew while you move through the stages of your remodel or update of your home. We have also developed relationships with trusted crews of specific contractors for specific tasks that we would be happy to introduce to you as well. 

As a word of caution: It has been our experience when managing multiple crews in either an attempt to cut costs or just as a matter of "you-know-a-guy (or gal)" for this and for that, that fingers can become pointed in instances when there is no single responsible party for your overall project. These projects can be successful, but it takes a diligent owner to keep the narrative moving smoothly.  

We encourage you to explore multiple quotes before embarking on your project and factor the team that can do it all vs. the piecemeal approach so you can manage your expectations through the life of your project. We're proud to help compliment you in your due diligence for the best solution to your size of Orange County interior design and/or exterior design project.